The MICCOM Communications Center serves the Emergency Medical Services personnel in the counties of Bergen, Passaic and Morris along with the municipalities that contract for 911 Emergency Medical Call Screening and Ambulance Dispatch.


A highest standard in training and personnel is maintained in order to ensure professionalism in every aspect.


In our effort to strive for professionalism, we realize and understand that perfection is not easy to obtain.


Through feedback from our customers and the public, we can become more responsive to the need of the people we serve.  The information below outlines the procedure in which a person or agency can initiate a complaint concerning the Northern New Jersey EMS Communications Center (MICCOM) and/or any of its members.


There are three ways to initiate a complaint with the Northern New Jersey EMS Communications Center (MICCOM).

  1. You may contact the MICCOM Professional Standards Unit at 201-518-0120 Option 5.
  2. You may file your complaint by US Mail to:

    Professional Standards Unit
    142 John Street  2nd Floor
    Hackensack, N.J. 07601

  3. You may email your complaint to us at: professionalstandardsunit

After your complaint is received, a letter will be sent advising that the complaint is under investigation.  This letter also serves as a receipt that the letter of complaint was received.

During the investigation process, an interview or additional information may be requested in order to facilitate a complete investigation of the matter.

Upon completion of the investigation, a letter will be sent advising, as to the findings, and results of the investigation.

The following are categories for which complaints are designated after a full and thorough investigation.

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 Not Sustained

 Policy Failure


The investigation disclosed sufficient evidence to clearly prove the allegation(s) made in the complaint.


The investigation of the incident disclosed that it did occur. However, the actions of the accused were justified, lawful and proper.


The investigation failed to uncover sufficient evidence to clearly prove or disprove the allegation(s).

The allegation made is true.  However, the action of the employee was consistent with department policy.

The investigation indicated the alleged acts did not occur.